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What is a Life Force Energy Session?

Reconnect Relax Recharge

What is a Life Force Energy Session?

The future of energy medicine is here. Take a quantum leap with us!

Science as nature intended
This innovative technology of the BioEnergy generators – are designed to generate energy fields that promote healing.

It is Nikola Tesla’s technology finally realized for the benefit of human health. Tesla waves allow for cell regeneration, improves immune function, provides relief from pain, detoxifies the body, elevates mood, and assists in balancing right and left brain hemispheres to increase our energy.



We are daily exposed to destructive and unhealthy EMFs, radiation, poor quality air, food, and water. Modern life compromises our connection to Earth’s own healing frequencies. How often do you walk barefoot on the beach or through the woods?

While relaxing in our center you can reconnect to the humming life force of our planet that creates coherence and supports our best health.


It’s as easy as laying back in a comfortable chair or bed in the hyper-healthy energetic environment of the BioEnergy generators and falling into a meditative state.

The BioEnergy generators provide a quantum bio-photonic field of life-enhancing energy that bathes you in pure light energy. Many find this frequency bath to be calming, reassuring, and stress relieving.


All life is energy. Think of each of your cells as a battery. When was the last time you recharged them?
While you relax with the BioEnergy generators the complex energy field is penetrating and recharging each of your trillions of cells back to their healthy range of 70-90 millivolts.
Along with that increase of energy, the cells improve their potential to expel anything no longer needed.
The body responds to the field with its innate wisdom, recalibrating to homeostasis. Everyone can benefit from this Hyper-Healthy charged environment.

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How long is a BioEnergy session?
People stay in a session anywhere from 2 to 4 hours or overnight. Depending on your personal situation and desired results, it is suggested you visit us several times a week at first, then as often as you can. It is strongly recommended you do a detox bath (either full body or foot) after each session.

How long do the effects last?
The effects of sitting in this “charged” field are cumulative. The more you are exposed, the more your body can move toward a healthy millivolt level. The body begins to rejuvenate itself and initiates a powerful process of self-healing. Bio Energy genrators provides the ideal “frequency bath” and the body responds with its innate wisdom, recalibrating to homeostasis.  Brain cells have the ability to absorb increased levels of Life Force Energy, which, in turn, facilitates harmonization of the brain hemispheres and enables cellular repair of brain tissue safely, naturally, and non-invasively. When the brain can begin to return to homeostasis, the rest of the body can experience deeper levels of healing as well.

Some benefits reported by users of the BioEnergy Generator sessions are:

Some benefits that have been reported from BIOENERGY GENERATOR sessions are:

• Deep relaxation and meditation states
• Relief of Post-COVID symptoms
• Pain and inflammation relief
• Improved immune function
• Increased brain function
• Increased overall energy
• Improved skin texture and appearance
• Increased circulation
• Increased cellular repair
• Improved stress tolerance & sleep
• Improved stem cell production
• Enhanced sexual health and fertility
• Improved mood, thereby helping to calm emotions and anxiety
• Improved athletic performance
• Detoxification and oxygenation