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Frequently Asked Questions

Tesla BioHealing technology is a data-driven, natural, safe, and highly effective health solution. Based upon Nikola Tesla’s original discoveries “harnessing the forces of nature to the service of mankind”, Tesla BioHealing has pioneered new breakthrough medical devices that generate a field of pure Life Force Energy – a natural, powerful environment for the body’s innate healing intelligence to be optimally supported.  

At the core of every cell, Life Force Energy is present. Not only is it present, but it is a vital force of nature essential for human cells, and the cells of all biological systems, to carry out their functions optimally. Life Force Energy has been acknowledged both in ancient cultures and modern-day scientific communities as a vital substance innate in all living things and available in various levels in our environment.  

You can think of Life Force Energy similar to oxygen in the sense that it is a naturally occurring substance which our cells utilize every day and have need of in specific quantities. However, if you need to use oxygen therapeutically it needs to be concentrated and delivered to your system in much higher quantities than is available in the everyday atmosphere. The same is true of Life Force Energy. Our bodies produce and utilize Life Force Energy consistently, but this level of concentration is not enough to offer our cells the optimal level of support as we age or when we are become ill or injured. In other words when we are lacking life force.  

The Bio Energy generators create their own environments of pure Life Force Energy, offering a much higher concentration of this natural healing force than is available in everyday environments. Once a person is within this potent field of Life Force Energy, the body can absorb this vital energy at will and as needed just like it does everyday, only know there is much more available for the cells of the body to benefit from. Once the body is given enough Life Force Energy to work with, cellular self-repair mechanisms can begin to activate much faster and more profoundly than previously was possible.  

When you are doing a session with the Bio Energy generators, you are literally entering a new environment that the cells of your body can be nourished by, providing the body with the increased levels of energetic support necessary to activate self-healing. Keep in mind your body is the healer and we rely on the body’s innate intelligence to prioritize what to do with this new level of Life Force Energy available versus sending specific frequencies through the body at specific times. Via a pre-activation process of natural materials, these medical devices generate a consistent sphere of pure Life Force Energy offering a highly concentrated healing environment for continual cellular support. We are simply offering more of what the cells’ own healing capacities need in order to carry out their best work.  

Thousands of people have benefited and continue to improve their quality of life from this Life Force Energy approach to wellness. As you support your system daily with this optimal environment for wellbeing, your energized cells can repair injured and/or aged organs, allowing for a return of vitality, significant pain relief, and much more. 

What is Biophoton/Life Force Energy? 

Life Force Energy, scientifically known as Biophotons are special light photons to impact all forms of life at the individual cellular as well as the whole-body level.  

Biophotons are an innate part of ourbody’s emission. Depending on the state of the health condition, a unhealthy person emits a weaker and lowlevel ofBiophoton while a healthier person a stronger and high level. 

Our bodily cells generate and emit biophotons and constantly release and absorb biophotons via DNAandMitochondriaof our cells. Biophotons are to act as instantaneous communication channels throughout our bodies and may serve as intricate energy and information transmission networks that help to regulate biochemical and physiological processes and reactions. 

Biophotons may be the foundation of life within every living cell. 

Biophoton/Life Force Energy is the essential vital force of nature acknowledged in many ancient traditions and even today in modern science. Biophoton/Life Force Energy is also known in Chinese medicine as Chi, in India as Prana, and in scientific communities. Biophoton/Life Force Energy is everywhere, in different forms. It is emitted from the Earth and the Sun in the form of photon light particles. Plants convert this light energy directly into usable energy and so can the cells in our bodies. Light is essential to life and is an essential nutrient for all living things.This energy is stronger in certain natural environments like at the beach or in the woods or the mountains, and less so in artificial environments like cities or inside buildings. Just like oxygen, Biophoton/Life Force Energy is everywhere at natural levels or concentrations. And just like oxygen, it can be concentrated to be used therapeutically.

The Bio Energy generators act as amplifiers to provide Life Force Energy at levels concentrated enough to promote healing, physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.This Biophoton/Life Force Energy field amplified and generated by our products is the same as what we are made of, and what nourishes us at the energetic and cellular levels. This is why there is full compatibility with no known negative side effects when our body is supported by this external Biophoton Energy field.  As our body already knows, with the built-in innate intelligence, when exposed to this external energy field provided by Biophoton Generators, our cells know how much of the external energy to uptake to turn on the cellular repair mechanisms. Depending on the state of the health condition, an unhealthy person with a weaker and low level of baseline needs a high lever of external Biophoton Energy Field to jump-start and support the healing process.

How can Life Force Energy improve your health? 

Each of our 5 trillion cells is like micro-batteries with a powerhouse of energy. When we were born all our cells were fully charged to the optimal 70 to 90 millivolts. As we age, or when there is illness or stress, or toxins in the body, some of our cells become depleted in energy. What do we say when a battery loses its charge? We say the battery is dead.The same with cells.When their energy is low the cells are weak and when they lose their charge, they die. Once cells are restored to their full energetic vitality, they go to work, doing what they do best, repairing DNA, producing ATP, the body’s energy molecule, and reproducing healthy copies of themselves. It may be said that old age, sickness, and death are caused by cells dying faster than the body can produce healthy vital cells. Anti-aging then is simply when cellular production exceeds cellular death. 

Energy permeates our world, our universe, and all people, down to our cells, our molecules, and all our atoms. Our energy field is the collective sum of the energy of each of our trillions of cells.Your body is governed by a sophisticated “computer system” that gives detailed instructions to every cell and every moment: what to allow inside, what to excrete, what substances to produce, what to breakdown, when to multiply, how to repair damage, etc.   Increasing the level of Biophoton/Life Force Energy in your cells can bring your body back into a state of harmony and keep you healthy throughout your life. 

How is our Biophoton/Life Force Energy field affected by the environment? 

Our energy field has a dynamic ability to interact and adapt to any environment. Our energy system constantly adjusts in an attempt to remain in a balanced state of harmony,or homeostasis.Many things influence our energy level. EMFs generated by cell phone towers, toxins and pesticides, poor food quality, negative people, and even our own negative thoughts vibrate at a lower frequency and can influence our energy field negatively. Healthy food, clean air and water, happy people, and positive thoughts vibrate at a much higher frequency and support a healthy and balanced energy field. A strong energy field can more easily repel negative influences from our surrounding environment. The Biophoton/Life Force Energy Field generated by our devices provides the body the extra needed energy support and builds the vitality of the body on a cellular level which helps defend against environmental factors while also supporting physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Consuming foods with high levels of Biophoton/Life Force Energy or spending time in environments with a high concentration of Life Force Energy can help the body increase its energy level, however, it is a slow process to achieve a significant therapeutic or healing effect.Bio energy generators deliver a very high concentration of Life Force Energy immediately, naturally, and non-invasively without needing to make any change to your current lifestyle.

Are there any known side effects with using this technology?

Bio Energy generators have a safe track record. Life Force Energy is a naturally occurring substance that all biological systems produce and utilize at the cellular level for optimal well being. Bio Energy generators generate a very concentrated field of Life Force Energy, offering an environment where the cells of the body can utilize this vital force of nature in much higher quantities than what is readily available otherwise. This is in an effort to support the body’s self-healing capacities with the essential energy that every cell needs to thrive.

By providing an environment whereby the body’s own innate intelligence can utilize Life Force Energy at will and as needed, Bio Energy generators do not cause any negative side effects. Our technology simply supports the body on a cellular level to carry out its functions as it would do naturally if enough vitality was available throughout the system. Life Force Energy is completely safe and as the cells absorb this natural vital force of nature more and more, they are able to recharge themselves and activate their own self-repair mechanisms.

Are there any contraindications?

Although Life Force Energy is a safe and naturally occurring energy, we do not yet recommend our products for pregnant women or children under 5 years of age as safety and efficacy studies have yet to be conducted on this group. Likewise, we also do not recommend the product to people in life-threatening or acute situations.

Life Force Energy is safe; however, these devices were created to address chronic conditions for people who are in a stable physical, mental, and emotional state. Safety and efficacy studies have not been conducted on those in life threatening situations such as those hospitalized, someone who recently had a stroke or heart attack, or those with suicidal ideation. Bio Energy generators are intended for people in stable condition who have chronic unmet needs and no available effective therapy.

If you have been given an end-of-life prognosis, it is not our practice to recommend investing in the technology to those whose life force is likely depleted beyond a reasonable expectation of recovery. If someone near the end of their life decides to do a Bio Energy generator session, we at LIFE FORCE ENERGY THERAPY cannot be held responsible for the outcome if in fact someone with a limited life expectancy does still pass away. The person given an end-of-life prognosis and key family members can make an informed decision about whether or not to book a session.

No. Life Force Energy exists naturally in the environment and is constantly interacting with your body on a cellular level. Bio Energy generators are simply creating a higher density of Life Force Energy in your session so that your cellular structures can naturally uptake whatever is required to reach optimal function. You can think about entering the concentrated field of Life Force Energy generated by our devices much like traveling from a polluted city to an oxygen rich mountain range. Just because your body is now in an environment with all the oxygen needed to for optimal health, does not mean it will over-oxygenate if you decide to spend as much time there as possible. Your cells naturally regulate the uptake of Life Force Energy and will only absorb as much as is needed for optimal function.

Tesla BioHealing technology generates a field of pure Life Force Energy which does not need to be forced through the body via any type of frequency programming or vibratory mechanism. This allows the body’s innate intelligence to be in charge of the self-healing process, facilitating profound and rapid improvements in wellbeing, even in unexpected ways since there is always more going on within the intricacy of our cellular systems than current medical science can comprehend.

The cellular structures of the body already know how to interact with Life Force Energy, and when they have enough Life Force Energy available, they are able to uptake it naturally and activate their own self-repair mechanisms in order to begin functioning optimally. We rely on the body’s innate organizing intelligence to prioritize the utilization of Life Force Energy how your cells see fit, versus sending specific frequencies through the body at specific times.

Expanding upon Nikola Tesla’s original discoveries, Bio Energy generators devices generate Life Force Energy in a completely unique manner. In fact, the way in which this Life Force Energy is generated is a technological and medical breakthrough, not requiring any electricity to achieve. These devices act independently of any mechanical or electrical energy source, therefore offering a safe and natural solution unlike any other.

Because there are no magnets or electricity involved in the generation of this Life Force Energy field our medical devices can be used even by those with a pacemaker or any kind of medical implant. Our products also serve as a very effective co-therapy and have been known to enhance the benefits of other forms of energy therapies or traditional medicine treatment courses.

In addition to being a safe and pure source of Life Force Energy, many experts in the field of energy medicine have stated that our medical devices provide the most profound wellbeing enhancement that they have experienced among the energy-based medicine products available today. 

Based upon feedback from thousands of people using Bio Energy genrators safely and effectively, the following phases of recovery in wellbeing have been known to take place: Recharge, Targeted Cellular Repair & Health Maintenance. 

The cells of the body are able to recharge themselves due to increased levels of Life Force Energy available in the environment provided by the Bio Energy generators. This leads to early signs of efficacy due to the cells having enough energy to start functioning more optimally. Keep in mind your body is different then the next person and results may occur at a different rate of recovery.Early signs of efficacy typically occur after your first session or multiple sessions and can include but are not limited to: (1) Pain reduction; (2) Better sleep; (3) Vivid dreams (indicating enhanced brain activity); (4) Increased energy; (5) Libido increase, (6) Improved digestion; (7) Easier breathing, (8) Increased mental clarity, (9) normalized blood glucose; (10) normalized blood pressure, etc.

The length of time needed to note benefits varies depending upon the condition and the amount of Life Force Energy available to the user. Some people enter the therapy room and get goose bumps or feel tingling and start to notice improvements in as little as 30 minutes while others may need several days or months to start experiencing positive effects. A patient with severe COPD stated her breathing improved in only 5 minutes after using a Bio Energy generator for others this could take longer. For relieving pain from migraines or headaches, the effect can be very quick. For hip or joint damage, paralysis due to stroke, or cancer, a longer length of time is needed to experience significant effects. The more Life Force Energy, the shorter the length of time required for effectiveness to occur.  Age is also factors as younger people tend to experience the benefits more quickly and older adults need more time for their bodies to start showing health improvements. Cumulative exposure to the Bio Energy generators is the key for recovery. These generators are not a “magic pill” but if you allow yourself the time results can come.


LIFE FORCE ENERGY THERAPY does not provide any medical advice. The Bio Energy generator and services provided are not intended to replace your physicians care, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition. Please consult your own healthcare provider if you have any medical issues or health concerns. 

Bio Energy Generators are intended to support vitality and well-being, and are not a substitute for pharmaceutical products, which can only be provided by a medical professional. LIFE FORCE ENERGY THERAPY makes no claims of healing. Thousands of people have shared their own personal experience on social media sites after booking sessions with the Bio Energy generators and speak positively about their outcome.