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Tesla Energy Healing Testimonials

There have been many clinical studies along with thousands of testimonials on social media sites to support these claims.


Better Sleep

I have noticed a big difference in deep sleep! Really refreshed in the mornings! Also My breathing is much clearer and deeper! A beautiful feeling of calmness all day!   Charlotte W.

Kicked The Habit
Stopped smoking thanks to the Medbed Generators. I had picked up a smoking habit for 1 year before using the MedBed Generators. After 4 weeks of being in the energy of the Tesla Waves, I suddenly stopped smoking. I had no desire to smoke again and I have to give thanks to the Tesla Biohealers for giving me the strength to quit for good! It truly works for addiction and I’m so grateful for having the Tesla healing energy to help me change my life for the better!   Stephanie S.

Stroke Paralysis – 3 months healing 
Stroke since early 2020. Experienced significant improvement in 3 months and noticeable improvement in just a few weeks of time with MedBed Generators. Helped with my speech, my involuntary movement due to stroke, sleep, and anxiety. I now can return to work and live my life independently!   Becky T.

I have fibromyalgia. I am under the care of a pain dr and constantly take prescription pain meds. I NEVER am able to sleep more than an one hour or two and it takes hours for me to fall asleep. I went with my spouse who has a traumatic brain injury. He has “tremors” sorta like a seizure but not. After a 2 hr session, In which I fell asleep within minutes, I realized that after that session I went 8 hrs without 1 pain pill. And my spouse has not had any “tremors” all day. None! I definitely recommend these sessions.   D.W.

Anxiety & Other Issues
I am a 61 year old male who suffered from anxiety for 35 years. I also developed tinnitus from years of wearing a blue tooth ear piece in my right ear. I also had lots of back pain due to sports injuries. After multiple sessions with the medbed generators I have not had any anxiety issues for over a year now and my back pain is at least 90% gone. The tinnitus sound in my ear has dropped significantly in the tone. I currently do not take any meds. My sleep is better than ever and the most vivid dreams. I love it!   Jay L.

COPD, Diabetes, Heart Disease
First I want to say I have diabetes, COPD, heart disease, and waiting surgery for carpal tunnel in both hands. I need rotator cuff surgery and a knee replacement. I’ve had back surgery and continue on hydrocodone. Since starting sessions with the Medbed Generators I have been able to cut back about 40% on my diabetes meds. I also have not needed my Albuterol inhaler for quite awhile. I have not had to wear my wrist braces that I had been wearing everyday for a few weeks now. My pain level is practically nil and I would love to get off the opioids but am afraid of withdrawal. I look forward to continued sessions.   Kathy S.

More Sound Sleep
Since being in the vicinity and use of these products, I note a deeper, more sound sleep. In turn, my energy levels are up. I find my body does not have the daily aches it used to. I observe that my gray hairs take longer to appear, along with a smoother skin appearance and tone. Just feeling rested alone with enough energy  has been such a great benefit to meet the daily rigors of life.  Obtaining this opportunity to experience this product in a relaxing  and comforting environment makes all the difference!  Ann S.